Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hi Friends..
In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, few people have time for history. Yet, it is essential that one remembers and respects the past as that is what has led us to where we are today. It is equally essential to remember that what we are today plays a huge role in determining how the future is going to pan out.
The city of Madras is steeped in history.It can lay claim credit to being the place from where modern Indian history began. One can still come across numerous vignettes of the past in the course of their day to day living in this city without actually realizing their significance.These vignettes are manifest in the form of memorials,road names,statues etc.
This blog,which marks quite a late entry of mine into the world of blogging is an attempt to share what little I have come across and learnt about this wonderful city.
Do share the information with others and let us revere and celebrate this city, a fine balance of tradition and modernity.

I take this opportunity to thank two people who have greatly inspired me to learn more about the city- Mr.S.Muthiah-I have been a long time reader of his Madras Miscellany columns in The Hindu and Mr.V.Sriram,historian,a prolific writer and a good friend.


  1. Kudos da!! Nice Start to blogging!!! That too starting with Madras Miscellany. Nice da. Keep going from strength to strength.

  2. Thanks Mahesh...
    Looking fwd to more comments for subsequent posts...

  3. Dear Karthik

    Welcome is so nice that youngsters like you are taking up the cudgels and be a becon of hope for Madras. Heritage, its conservation and awareness are subjects which rarely attract youngsters...i hope the blog spreads the buzz amongst the youth...All the best!