Friday, April 30, 2010


Hi Friends,

Today is May Day and a lot of establishments have declared a holiday, keeping in view the sanctity of the day. But one industry that is bound to be working is the Cable Channels Industry. Packed with programs, mostly cinema based they make sure those on holiday dont compain about boredom sitting at home.

But seriously, how many of them know the true significance of the day? How many of them know that Madras has the distinction of forming the first organised Labour Union in the country, the Madras Labour Union founded in 1918?

It is sad that none of the pioneers of that organisation such as B.P.Wadia, Thiru.Vi.Kalyanasundaram, Selvapathy Chetty are remembered even in passing today..

While no doubt the TV Channels need to keep their bread and butter going, I think it is imperative that at least some importance is given to the actual event and what it signifies.

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