Saturday, May 13, 2017


Founded in 1889 on Mount Road as a departmental store selling everything except liquor and food, it expanded its scope of activities to include other divisions such as tailoring. Its best known division was however furniture. At the Coronation Durbar in Delhi in 1911, this establishment was given the task of furnishing the camps of the various dignitaries such as the Governor of Madras and the Lt.Governor of Burma. It also ran a service station for cars in the 1930s. The business had branches in Ooty and Bangalore.

The business changed hands in 1938 and was bought for around 200 pounds by the family that currently runs it. A search in the ROC records reveals that it was incorporated as a company in April 1938. Its premises too shifted to General Patters Road, from where it functions even today as an auction house.

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