Friday, May 12, 2017


Founded in 1868 by Charles Lawson and Henry Cornish, The Madras Mail was the representative of the commercial interests in the Madras Presidency. Lawson and Cornish had earlier been part of The Madras Times, a newspaper that had been founded in the 1830s. The paper’s association with the Madras Chamber of Commerce was a close and long standing one, with the paper publicising the Chamber’s efforts to a great extent and for a long time its editors served as secretaries of the Chamber.

Functioning from First Line Beach, The Madras Mail would display its pro government stance on a number of occasions which seeded the birth of its rival, The Hindu. In 1921, the paper was bought over by J.O.Robinson, Chairman of Spencers, before changing hands again in 1945, when it was bought over by the Amalgamations Group. The name had been changed to The Mail in the 1920s, when it moved to the Mount Road premises. The paper ceased publication in 1981.

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